Conditions in C Programming(SD)

Conditions in C (C++, C#) Programming (SD) Conditions in C Conditions in C are expressions that evaluate to either true or false. They are used in control structures like if statements to determine the flow of the program. Relational Operators Relational operators are used to compare two values. Here are the common relational operators in […]

IS – Data, Statistics and Visualisation

IS – Data, Statistics and Visualisation 1. TYPES OF DATA Structured Data: is organized in a highly predictable and well-defined structure. It follows a fixed schema. Examples include relational databases where data is organized into tables with predefined columns. Unstructured Data: Data that lacks a predefined data model or does not fit well into relational […]

Systems Analysis and Modelling

Systems Analysis and Modelling What is a data flow diagram (DFD)? A data flow diagram (DFD) is a visual representation of the information flow through a process or system. DFDs help you better understand process or system operations to discover potential problems, improve efficiency, and develop better processes. They range from simple overviews to complex, […]

Basics of Problem Solving

Basics of Problem Solving Algorithms, Flowcharts and Pseudocode What is an algorithm An algorithm is a step-by-step procedure or set of rules designed to perform a specific task or solve a particular problem. It is a finite sequence of well-defined, unambiguous instructions that, when executed, produce a desired output or result. Algorithms are used in […]

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