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BCS Course Organisation

We run BCS courses online during the year and candidates can take exams in April and October each year. 


  • Highly experienced lecturers with online sessions
  • Multiple times winner of international awards in different BCS modules and levels
  • A different methodology : With our online platforms, we offer support to candidates for lectures, practical sessions, continuous assessments, handouts, past exams papers and workshops
  • Our students come from several countries in different time zones, so you are no longer limited by your location.
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Levels - Cost

We have trained students around the globe.


We will run the 3 modules as follows :

Computer & Network Technology  – Lectures and past papers – Our own digital platform or Udemy

Information Systems – Lectures and past papers – Our own digital platform or Udemy

Software Development – Lectures, practical sessions of C++ Programming, past papers – Our own digital platform or Udemy 

Cost of each module : (280$ / 230£/ 9000 MUR)


We will run modules ONLINE(Our own digital platform or Udemy)

ONLINE Modules – Professional Issues in IS(core module), Smart Systems, IT Project Management, Systems Analysis and Design, Database Systems, OOP, Big Data, User Experience, Computer Networks, Software Engineering 1, Web Development 

Cost of each module : (290$ / 235£ / 9500 MUR)


We will run modules ONLINE (Our own digital platform or Udemy)

Candidates to take at least 2 per semester

Other modules  :  Network Information Systems, Web Engineering, Computer Services Management, Management Information Systems, Advanced Databases, Software Engineering 2, IT and the Environment, System Design Methods. Please check which exams are available in April or October.

Cost of each module : (300$ / 250£ / 10500 MUR) 


Your abstract must be ready in Feb for project submission in July. 

Your abstract must be ready in July for  project submission in January of next year.

We offer consultancy services to select topic for project, for software development and for project documentation – all online, with one of our experts. 

Projects can be on network design, web application, IOT, AI or mobile apps and the cost will depend on type of project.


Candidates must pay 100% before granted access to our courses.

Banking details will be communicated upon registration.

For any additional requests, pls email to activelearning99@gmail.com 

If you have already registered and received a confirmation email, you can pay by Paypal by clicking on the button below. Else payment can be made by any other means agreed upon registration