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British Computer Society - Level 5

Diploma in IT

BCS Diploma in IT - Level 5

Select the modules that match your chosen career path when you study the Diploma in IT – comparable to the second year of a university degree course.

Who is it for?

The Diploma in IT is for students who understand the fundamental principles in IT and are ready to start developing specialist skills.

Entry Requirements

You need to have passed, or been made exempt from, the BCS Certificate in IT.

You must be a BCS member to sit the exam.


If you already hold a qualification that covers the HEQ syllabus, you can apply for exemption from specific modules (no more than two).


We have trained over thousands of students around the globle.

Professional Issues in IS Practice - CORE

The PRISS module is a core module that forms part of the Level 5 Diploma in IT – the second stage within the BCS three-stage Higher Education Qualification programme.

This module is intended to broaden candidates’ thinking and to encourage them to consider wider aspects of business, as well as technical knowledge, skills and experience. Its aim is to create well-rounded individuals who can make a strong contribution to the workplace and show sensitivity to business needs, as it is vital in the modern workplace for candidates to understand more than the software alone.

Selected Modules

Choose three modules.



IT Project

Object Oriented

Systems Analysis
& Design

Engineering (Part 1)

Principles of
UI Design


We have added new options

Big Data

Learn about the 3V, Hadoop, Apache, Kafka and Big data Modelling and Applications with Machine Learning and R

Smart Systems

Learn about IOT, Artificial Intelligence, machine Learning, Cloud Computing, Blockchain and Robotics

Web Application Development

Learn about all aspects of web design with a myriad of front-end and back-end technologies.