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Building an online presence might be a difficult and time consuming task for most businesses these days.

At Active Learning Technologies, we can help manage and improve your online traffic by optimising your current content, by managing your social media and by publishing your services on as many platforms as possible.

We have also developpped business growth strategies that have proven a significant ROI.

Our Digital Marketing Servivces

Website Development

Our expert team also include highly trained UI designers and web developpers who can help increase your website traffic by optimising your content and building new interactive widgets to increase engagement.

Need a new website?

We can create a sample for you within a day!

Search Engine Optimisation

Do you have any online content? Struggling to create user engagement and increase traffic?

We can help optimise your online content  by implementing keywords, internal linking and updating your site structure to prioritise the content you want online users to access.

We offer several types of SEO packages for different businesses.

Google Business Services

Since the past few years, Google has come up with several online services targetted and built for small business as well as larger organisations. 

The Google Business Services increase your online presence by creating a Google My Business profile. 

From there, we can setup other Google Services that will make your daily operations easier and more automated than ever!

Social Media Marketing

Social Media Engagement has always been a challenge and is now harder than ever. It seems that the only way to attract attention is to talk about trending topics. 

However, Facebook Ads and Instagram for Business allows us to target posts to specific users that have interest in the service you are providing. 

By optimising and building your social media presence, you are also showcasing your authenticity and professionalism.

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